Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The iPhone Boom Mic

We all know how great the iPhone 4S is at recording video content. Some have shot amazing videos which you would think have been done with professional cameras. But the biggest problem with any phone is the mic, they’re not made for high quality sound recording. Photojojo has a solution for you: the iPhone Boom Mic.

The mic attaches to the headphone jack and adjusts to hold the back of your phone, even over a case! It is super lightweight, so it won't throw off the balance of your phone as you record.

Shooting your friend's show? Use the directional setting to capture all of the sound coming from the stage. When you're interviewing the band afterward, switch to the super-directional setting for more precisely focused recording. The mic works through the LiveAction app, which also lets you upload your videos instantly.

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