Tuesday, April 10, 2012

50 Beautiful Women Over 50

Cynics may credit plastic surgery for the staying power of these women, but they're overlooking the fact that surgeried or not, these women are fascinating to watch. Some we've loved for decades, while others hit their strides later in life. All are alluringly mature, and all are sexy. Tell us in the comments section who you'd add to our list!

Barbara Walters - 81

Carmen Dell'Orefice - 79

Sophia Loren - 76

Julie Andrews-74

Jane Fonda-73

Rakel Welch-70

Julie Christie - 68

Helen Mirren-65

Debbie Harry-65

Diane Sawyer-65

Susan Sarandon-64

Susan Lucchi - 64

Susan Somers - 64

Peggy Lipton - 64

Cheryl Tigz - 63

Jacqueline Smith - 63

Emmylou Harris - 63

Jessica Lange - 63

Olivia Newton-John - 62

Sigourney Weaver - 61

Sofia Rotaru - 61

Pam Grier - 61

Fanny Ardant - 60

Meryl Streep - 60

Anna Wintour - 60

Jane Seymour - 59

Queen Noor of Jordan - 59

Beverly D'Angelo - 58

Lynda Carter - 58

Beverly Johnson - 58

Mary Steenburgen - 57

Marie Helvin - 57

Kim Basinger - 56

Rene Russo - 56

Christie Brinkley - 56

Tatiana Vedeneeva - 56

Iman - 55

Janice Dickinson - 55

Leeza Gibbons - 55

Isabelle Adjani - 54

Lena Ulin - 54

Ann Curry - 54

Geena Davis - 54

Sela Ward - 53

Michelle Pfeiffer - 51

Andie MacDowell - 51

Jennifer Tilly - 51

Angela Basset - 51

Sharon Stone - 51

Carol Alt- 50

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Pereirão said...

And A LOT of millionaire plastic surgeons.

Anonymous said...

Having so much money and no need to really work,as they all have, it is not difficult to be slightly attractive above 50, especially with Photochop helping))

Unknown said...

My aunt LOVES Gina Davis. She tells me that one day she'll consult a clinic that does cosmetic surgery in Perth to get a consultation.

Unknown said...

It's easy to look so beautiful with photochop and plastic surger, botox and other chemicals injected into face. Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

...Not to mention, that several of these ages are incorrect by 2 to 3 years, or more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they are beautiful!!!!...:)))

Anonymous said...

Wow so many haters. These are beautiful women of age! Some very accomplished too! They should be celebrated and supported with positivity, not negativity! Interesting how most of the criticism is from females!

Unknown said...

Stunning and with surgery, you need a great foundation to work with beforehand...mere tweaks MAX these women have had. I'd add to the list Grace Jones 66, Bo Derek 57, Joni Mitchell 70 to name a few. Glad Helen Mirren was on that list. Timeless beauty.

Anonymous said...

I applaud these women. They are all absolutely beautiful! However, once again, we are comparing women who do have the money and the means to make that happen. Why don't we show all the "normal" women out there who age gracefully with what they were born with and nothing more. Those women should be our idea of beauty.

Anonymous said...

It's amusing when there's the hating disgruntled comments; these women are beautiful; any outrage at that must be from those who look terrible even at their 'peak' of youth, or from men who can't get a date ( even at their 'peak' of youth). Look around you: 'Youth' does not guarantee good looks by any means. Keep telling yourself it's plastic surgery if it makes you feel better I guess.

lily said...

None of these women looks her age. Many look Amazing. Some may say these women can afford to look great, yet they are holding their own and even outshining in the company of women half their age who can also afford to look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! So much jealousy and envy -- hate, even -- how sad and pathetic ... the ladies are "looking goo-o-o-d" -- more power to them