Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Chatroulette WebCam Chat

The page is like Chatroulette on which you communicate with other people with or without webcam. If you have a webcam you can see your chat partner directly on the screen. Who has not, can switch to text chat, and then chat with other users.

The site is quite easy. I was expecting a lot of advertising, but this is only marginally present. Thus you can have without annoying advertising window in silence chatting. offers the two chats. It is not filled with unnecessary spam. The design is finished in blue / white. Ideal for me, to protect the eyes during a long chat.

The website is completely free, you must not log on. You can choose between webcam chat and text chat.

Who uses a webcam, can chat here with a chatter. It opens a small chat window. On the left you find the two webcam windows (once yourself, and once the chatter). Once you are asked if you agree to the microphone and camera. I opened the window so many times and each time I was asked. For me, this is simply a kind of security, so the chat can not just start when you open the page. On the right is the chat dialog. Below you can check your messages and you can set settings as language, male / female, etc. There are also other settings. You can auto start, click Clear Log chat, chat or video noise required on or off. Basically it's quite simple: you can be put through to someone, if you don't like the person, you can search for next chatter available.

You only need a chat name and then you can start chatting already. The chat is set up simply. But there are always enough users logged. Hence you can always chat.
There are also other small items. You can find a video area, radio and online games. The online games are flash games and in turn can be played directly in the browser. You have the possibility of a toolbar with an integrated radio and other features to install. The toolbar is there for Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The level of the chatters was unusually high. There are a lot of Moderators avoiding that everybody can do whatever he wants. However, there were very nice people in text chat as well and no insults. The webcam chat I have met so much different people, all very kind and funny. Therefore, the page itself is great and easyly to hand up and, one of the best Chatroulette Alternatives.

On the side there are different types of chat. Anyone who has a webcam, is welcome to chat in webcam chat and who simply have no desire to webcam chat changes, just the normal text chat. The chat is ideal for boredom. The design is held in white / blue and does not disturb the long chat. So if you want a little time like to chat, it should first try times on this page. The chat is for people from 18 years on.
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