Friday, April 20, 2012

Jumbo Jet Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden

This 1976 Boeing 747-200 plane (formerly of Singapore Airlines) in Stockholm, Sweden got a lucky break when a budding hostel entrepreneur bought it and converted it into the worlds first Jumbo Jet hostel.

Jumbo hostel offers 27 comfortable rooms with either two bed, three bed or also 4 bed dormitory style. All together, the hostel offers 76 beds; the most luxurious is to be found on the plane´s upper deck which boasts an exclusive cockpit suite with private ensuite bathroom and toilet. The rooms are approxiamately six square meters in size and measure nearly four meters from floor to ceiling.

Room prices are decent, a dorm bed costing $65 per night, a double room around $200 and the most expensive room is the Cockpit Suite, at $530 per night.

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