Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tow Truck Falls Off A Cliff In Northern Norway

Check out this tow truck accident in Northern Norway. The driver of the tow truck escapes at the last minute, but the car behind catches the unbelievable footage.

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Arleen Burberry said...

That's one less truck for them to use. I wonder if they got a good enough replacement from the local truck seller?

Rebecca Montez said...

During winter season it's not that advisable to travel by land cause the roads are slippery and hard to make your way through. I guess the only thing we can do if we can't help traveling during these period is to drive slowly and carefully and if it's impossible to travel just don't travel at all.

Harold McGowan said...

Uh-oh! Now that seems terrible. I see that the truck pulls the tow services over on the edge of the cliff and that it sided too much on the cliff side that's what caused the incident. Well, I think, it'll be better if they didn't push their luck on pulling of the truck though it's never their choice they just want to help. Basically the moral lesson of this accident is to be more careful while traveling especially during winter season.