Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't Hate on Windows 8 [Infographic]

In the last two months, fierce debates surrounding Windows 8 have taken place all over the web. While I haven’t tried out the consumer preview, I did get the chance to see it in action and it left me intrigued. To put it simply: the new operating system seems like a bold move for Microsoft. Modeled after today’s wildly successful smartphones, Windows 8 could prove to be a real gambit in the PC world.

Guys at Frugaldad put together an infographic that breaks down the improvements and new features on 8. I’m hardly a computer wiz, but reading up on Windows 8’s apps and cloud software sure makes me wonder how Microsoft’s big release will fare against Apple. Check out the graphic below and let us know if you think Windows 8 can gain some ground against Apple’s OSX!

Click image to see a larger version.

Via Frugaldad
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EazyVG said...

Don't think it needs to gain grounds against OSX, more not to loose to other OSS, or worse people staying with Win7. I have long switched to Linux and mostly do not care about Win development. Mobile hsd been Android based ever since version 2 release.