Monday, May 07, 2012

Duck Fashion Show In Australia

During Easter, parades happen all around the globe, but in Australia a very different type of parade happen, ducks in different dresses walk among the people. The fashionable flock, known as the Pied Piper Ducks, marched up and down the streets of Sydney at the city’s Royal Easter Show. 60-year-old Brian Harrington run this show for some 25 years and dresses his ducks according to the latest fashion trends for each event.

The costumes are covered in brilliiant detail, color and fabrics made from best materials and by best designer dressmakers. According to Brian Harrington these feathered models are just as talented as their human counterparts.

Via: Telegraph, Flickr
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natalie said...

duck was so pretty. The designer has a great taste of designing. I wonder why duck was the model.graphic design maryborough