Friday, May 11, 2012

Prom Photo Fail

You probably remember how you dressed up and did your best to look awesome for your prom, or to be more precise for the prom camera. While you might have experienced some troubles with your attire or hair, these Wisconsin students went through much more unpleasant experience.

Just before their junior prom on Saturday, a group of students from Kettle Moraine High School gathered on a pier at a friend’s house for pictures. However, the picture-taking didn’t last long, since the pier gave way and the teens plunged into the waters of Lac La Belle.

According to NBC:
As the group crowded onto the pier Saturday, one person called out that he just heard two cracking sounds, and everyone else stopped, said Josh Orne, 17, one of the students. Without warning, part of the pier gave way, and about half the students dropped feet-first into the water.

“The girls starting screaming and basically the guys started laughing. Because it took us no time to get ready, and it took them all week to do it,” Orne said. “You know, we all realized right away, this is going to be an unbelievable story to tell.”

Orne’s mother, Sue, was taking pictures at the time, and didn’t stop when the pier gave way. One photo shows all the students in a line. The next shows half of them waist-deep in water or supporting themselves on beams while others look on in disbelief.

Josh Orne singled out one mother in particular for her quick actions Jill Leahy immediately jumped into the water and helped pulled students out, he recalled.

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