Monday, June 25, 2012

Coolest Hybrid Animals

What's your favorite animal: lions or tigers? What's cooler: horses or zebras? Stop! Why choose one over the other when you can have both at the same time? We're talking about hybrid animals, animals of a same genus but different species producing offspring. Some of these animals you may already know, but others may surprise you.

Zebra + Equine= Zebroid

Lion + Tiger= Liger

Buffalo + Cow= Beefalo

Camel + Llama= Cama

Leopard + Lion = Leopon

Serval + Domestic Cat = Savannah

Donkey + Zebra = Donkra

African Serval + The Asian Leopard Cat + Domestic House Cat = Ashera

Polar Bear + Brown Bear = Grizzly Polar

Sheep + Goat = Toast of Botswana

Midas Cichild + Red Devil fish = Blood parrot

Golden + Amherst Pheasant = Hybrid Pheasant

Dog + Wolf = Wolf Dog

Domestic Tamworth Pig + Wild Boar = Iron Age Pig

Bottlenose Dolphin + False Killer Whale = Wolphin

Bengal Cat + Ocicat = Cheetoh

Yak + Domestic Cow = Dzo

Zebra + Horse = Zorse

Bengal Cat + Tabby Cat = Toyger

St. Bernard + Basset Hound = St. Basset Hound

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