Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Exotic Pets From 1891-1971

Dogs and cats are one thing to have as pets, but when it comes to the wilder side of the animal kingdom, it’s a dangerous game. These days, we generally hear about these kinds of pets when something goes horribly wrong, but there was a time when the glamour was publicized more than the gore.

Retronaut has a collection of photos of people and their wild pets from the years 1891-1971, but, please, don’t get any ideas.

Beatrix Potter with rabbit, Benjamin Bouncer, 1891

A girl has tea with her pet dog and raccoon, Massachusetts, 1930

Josephine Baker takes her pet cheetah Chiquita for a walk, 1931

Parisian woman with cheetah, 1932

Frida Kahlo with Granizo, 1939

Phyllis Gordon and her pet Cheetah, 1939

Burlesque dancer Zorita walking her snake

Man with pet Lemur, 1950

Actress June Havoc with her pet toucan, 1950

A soldier walks his pet lion Fagen on the beach, US, 1951

Rupert the Rhino, 1960

A man eats breakfast with his pet chimpanzee, US, 1971
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