Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Masters of Tax Evasion [Infographic]

How come that a big company like Apple pay a very low tax despite of having a vast amount of profit each year? Is there really a tax evasion here? Well, check the infographic below and see what's happening.

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Via: Mastersdegreeonline
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Unknown said...

That is why there is a need for research and development on tax credits in order for us not to fall prey on the people that will potentially rip us off.

Sheena Grayson said...

Wow, there is clearly something wrong here. A big company like Apple pay only a certain amount of tax even though their sales shoot up every time they release a new product? As you've pointed out, when profitable companies pay less, the public pays more. Maybe I should get a tax legal advice because I think it's just not fair.

Unknown said...

Wow! That’s very shocking. I haven’t seen in your infographic if they also pay the heavy vehicle use tax for their trucks in exporting their devices in different places. What do you think?