Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Snoozebox: The Shipping Container Hotel

Snoozebox is a portable hotel consisting of shipping container living units that can be easily transported, stacked, and arranged into hotels of 40 to 400 plus rooms. Each container is outfitted with two to four rooms, and each room has its own bathroom, Wi-Fi and TV. Snoozebox is based in the UK, but they will set up a hotel anywhere in the world. Upon arriving at a location, the Snoozebox team can get a hotel up and running in about 48 hours. A 320 room Snoozebox hotel is currently in place in Essex, UK to house staff for the London Olympics.

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Unknown said...

Can they do international freight shipping for those portable hotel shipping containers? This is the first time that I saw a shipping container that is used to create hotel rooms instead for a family house.