Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exotic Car Crashes

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Unknown said...

To think that taxis and ordinary vehicles are the most accident prone vehicles, surprisingly exotic cars are more prone to face its end. I hope Lynbrook Honda dealer give extra safety features.

coach to malacca said...

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Unknown said...

Well really as we know we are in a exotic page of exotic cars of course what you see is what you get . All cars lambo ferrari aston m . And etc. Did you see a honda here . ? Nope . Tjis is not the site or the right example on how to make your last comment .why dont look for a site where all types of model cars in the whole country and find out the most crashes . I know I learned my lesson but not from an exotic cars it can happen to anyone like yourself. I did my investigation and opt to learn that honda is the hottest car crashes in the US. I mean dont get me wrong i love honda . But Of corse like thomas said full safety features .....cause its a hot crashing cars Another one I can add to this who mentioned honda dealer . Try to buy a car at honda and in a week. Youl recieved 11 different banks and experian transunion or equifax will send you a notice why the 11 times honda dealer check your credit . Isnt it only 3 times a year ? Addhu
Credit go down 15 points . Thats 7 months accomplishments on basic good payer. Honda dealers are all the same . Did I mention 76 percent car crashes in 6 months thats over