Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Manchester Students ‘Pimps and Hoes’ Themed Bar Crawl

Take a look at the mess the Manchester students have made in the 'pimps and hoes' themed, Carnage bar crawl.

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Anonymous said...

As members of the high school education, these poor kids only tried to associate themselves with the oversexualised vomit called mainstream media.

By the way,these days the bad is the new good according to the subliminal messages of the tv.
Being a whore or a pimp,fucking ang getting pregnant,marrying under 18 became a pride so well done guys,I'd expect a bit more of you uni students.Girls could have had some group orgy in the middle of the street or better,in a local church possibly?

Seeing this you can lean back and relax "There is nothing wrong with the values being presented by mainstream media"

Anonymous said...

mate, its just a fancy dress party. everything caught in these pictures happens in every nightclub, every night. the media are just making a meal of it. get over it.