Friday, October 05, 2012

The Impact of the Electric Car [Infographic]

This infographic provides an overview of the electric car industry and describes their environmental and energy impact… This visualization offers numerous statistics, facts and global comparisons on the future of electric vehicles, in terms of costs, environment, sales and the role of electric vehicles in our transportation systems across the globe.

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Cortez Centralia said...

Isn't LA asking too much? I know we got a lot of car dealers and manufacturers who can churn out EV's rather quickly, but going for 80,000 cars as a first goal seems too much, even for a big city like theirs.

Shaine Wright said...

Well, we might as well take things slow right now. Even that far off, people would still be hard to convince to change their trucks, SUVs and cars from gas-run vehicles to full-electric ones. So that could explain the target numbers.

Heidi C. Pringle said...

The impact of electric cars is really great. China has invested a lot and I think that it was a good move for them. I think it’s time that car companies to invest more in EV rather than gas operated cars.

Wesley Albright said...

That's quite a lot numbers for EVs in 2020 huh. I suppose they've already figured in outside factors with those estimates, yes?