Monday, February 04, 2013

Russian Girl Tattoos Boyfriends Name On Face

Rouslan Toumaniantz is a well known Belgium-based tattoo artist. He met a girl named Lesya, a designer living in Saransk, Russia, on Internet. They fall in love, and about a week ago they met in person in Moscow and decided to get married. Lesya got a facial tattoo with the name Rouslan, that looks more like a MS-13 gang tattoo. What will she do if they would decide to break up?

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Anonymous said...

That is crazy. she isn't a bad looking girl but that tattoo makes it look like she's got a beard. totally fucked her face up. but the boyfriend is not so hot. but who am I to judge. they look happy together. I just hope she stays on her meds cuz when she realizes what she did shit will hit the fan. or not. Russian chicks are nutty

Anonymous said...

Well that's "love" for you, crazy hope they do end up staying together though they do look happy :/

Unknown said...

God Bless to them both, in Aotearoa NZ we call that form of art Ta Moko, it is very extreme, spiritual and connected to ones devine spirit, this may have different understandings which I find very interesting

Anonymous said...

No matter how many time I look at the picture of her face before and after im still in a state of shock....very silly girl and the boyfriend wants to be ashamed of himself for agreeing to something so drastic!!!

Anonymous said...

What a waste of a gorgeous face. i feel sad for her. Hes a douche!

Anonymous said...

That guy is an asshole. I feel so sorry for the cute, naive girl who got her face destroyed by an idiot who should've know better not to make a young girl look like a fukken monster since he's a professional tattoo artist.

tattoos designs said...

she got some nice tattoos designs

Anonymous said...

She can't be more than 22 years old if that and you can't tell me that she's not on some kind of drugs while doing this..... and for those of you that say yes they do look in love well guess what I am head over heels over my husband after 10 years and I would never ever destroy my face....... and if he ever asked me to he would be gone in a heartbeat

fake tattoos said...

Welcome! I seen your work in person I believe. You have done the Austin tattoo revival right?

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Anonymous said...

Stupid stupid girl for so many reasons smh.. U where beautiful!