Thursday, March 21, 2013

Girls of The Israeli Army - Part 4

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Felix Lee said...

If I were the terrorist, I would have second thoughts to shoot them. Lovely girls indeed.

Anonymous said...

These girls are definitely beautiful. I consider myself very lucky to currently be dating a lovely IDF veteran who happens to be my Krav Maga instructor! I'm a 45 year old divorced Irish-American cop and I met my beautiful 24 year old Israeli girlfriend in my Krav Maga class. I was immediately mesmerized by her exotic beauty the first day of class. Of course I never thought a young beautiful Israeli girl would be interested in an older gentile American guy. Anyways we hit it off really quickly and the flirting started immediately and the next thing I knew I was the "teacher's pet!" Since the first day of class she has jokingly called me in her sexy accent "James Bond" because she thinks I look just like actor Pierce Brosnan. By the second week of class we were taking showers together in the gym after class when everyone else left. Israeli girls are tough and sexy and i love it.

Anonymous said...