Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ice Cream Cone Currency Calculator [Infographic]

It is widely known to store owners and economists the world over that ice cream makes an effective “loss leader” in terms of what to sell to get people in the door. In a high traffic tourist destination, quite often you will see ice cream vendors selling their wares at less than market value so that buyers will browse around, casually eat their ice cream, and (hopefully) buy something else. Accordingly, many world travelers have caught on to this little trick of the trade and some will often use the cost of an ice cream cone to gauge the overall expense of traveling to a certain country. We decided to see how some of the more popular destinations around the globe stacked up side by side with our version of the “8 colors ice cream currency calculator” Enjoy!

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Via: Kaiku Pre-Paid Visa Debit Cards

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