Monday, April 01, 2013

Ellis the Hawk

Great story of Ellis the Hawk.

A giant nest fell out of our tree; there's a dead baby hawk underneath

A second baby hawk. Poor guy, he never had a chance

We found this little guy under a different tree the next day

His "you're getting too close" face

"Leave me alone!"

Looking dapper in the sunset

He couldn't fly yet. Good thing my dogs aren't as vicioius as they look!

Getting bigger!

Puffy chest

Growing up - Baby duck on the menu!

My second favorite picture

My favorite picture

Finally able to fly up to the neighbor's playground

Right outside our back door

This is our last pic of Ellis. We haven't seen him since, but when we see a hawk flying up above, we like to think it's him

Via chesterjester11.imgur
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