Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Chinese Photoshop Requsts and the Results

The lesson here is you should never ask Weibo users to make you look cooler in a photograph.
Request: Please add a handsome man to this photo! Thanks!

Request: Please make me more intimidating!

Request: I'm looking for a girlfriend. Please Photoshop masters, make me more handsome!

Request: Please make the girls around me a bit more fun!

Request: Can you Photoshop it so that we are together?

Request: Here are a few pictures (we picked one) of myself, can someone make them cool?

Request: Please remove this man next to me, otherwise I can't send this photo to my boyfriend!

Request: Can you please make me more beautiful?

Request: Put me in a cooler location!

Request: We just graduated, please make this more interesting!

Request: Please make the guy jumping in the center more awesome! "More ridiculous" The funnier the better.

Request: Please make me cooler. The cooler the better!

Please give me some protection! Please, nothing terrible!

Here are some photos that are just being messed with!

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