Friday, July 12, 2013

Crazy, Stupid and Insane Things You Can Buy in SkyMall

Shut up and take my money. I want all of them.

A portrait of your pet as 17th century nobility

This UpRight Sleeper that definitely won’t kill you

Chill dog collars

The infamous SkyRest

Lips for your dog

A machine that makes you grow hair

This truly one of a kind shirt

A life-size hanging jungle monkey statue

A drunk cat lithograph

Sperm shoes

A mounted squirrel head

This head massager

This baby choker

A Bob shirt

A rearview bike camera

A monkey puppet that will hug your finger

A cat toilet

A giant fake rock

A plaque that encourages the eating of your grandmother

Alfred Lloyd’s new album

This squirrel shirt

A personal massager that definitely isn’t a dildo

A motorized unicycle

A bed bug cocoon

A birdhouse disguised as a ultrasonic barking dog deterrent

This totally practical umbrella holder

A Jewish star Christmas tree topper

A magic wand remote control

A glass that holds a full bottle of wine

BONUS: Did you know the president of SkyMall’s name is Christine Aguilera?

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Felix Lee said...

These things are absolutely hilarious. But I'd like to have that magic wand remote control.