Monday, July 15, 2013

Korean Photoshop Requsts and the Results

Be careful what you ask for.

Request: Please remove me from this photo so that it looks like the child is flying.

Request: Can you make this look more like a wild animal? 

Request: I'd like to be in a single shot with Iron Man

Request: Can you make me look like a super-hacker?

Request: I'd like to look cool while I grill.

Request: Can you remove the photos reflecting the guy with the camera and leave me alone in the booth with the guy standing behind?

Request: My friend recently got married. Can you make this image reflect this?

Request: Can you make my face lighter?

Request: Make me look like a pimp surrounded by women.

Request: Make it look like I am eating something no one else has tasted.

Request: Can you remove the woman on the right of my friends and I?

Request: Can you make these guys look like superheroes?

Request: Please lower the pants below the sock so that you can see them and put a bottle of Soju in front of me.

Request: I want to be a superhero.

Request: Please add a bear to this picture.

Request: Please make this boring picture more dramatic.

Request: Please make the white background more colouful.

Request: Please change the picture so that it looks like I was sleeping on a mattress surrounded by celebrities.

Request: Please make this picture look as dangerous as it did in the movie "Peppermint Candy" and that the train is pulling up.

Request: Please change the box so it looks like I am holding a treasure and make the atmosphere warmer.

Request: Can you remove the people behind me and make it look more like Disneyland

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