Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Infographic Promotion – The Ultimate Guide To Successfully Promoting Your Infographic

There are a whole host of reasons someone might want to get an infographic developed – as specialists in infographic design we’ve produced them for just about every reason you can think of – but the most common goal when producing an infographic is improved SEO, i.e. to build and attract inbound links. As a result, effective promotion and distribution of infographics have become just as important as the research and design phase – after all, it’s no good having an interesting, accurate and beautifully designed infographic if nobody gets to see it or share it.

But successfully promoting an infographic isn’t quite as straightforward as a lot of people initially think, resulting in most people simply submitting their design to the ever-growing list of infographic distribution sites and leaving it at that; unable to think of any other places to push their graphic.

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