Friday, October 04, 2013

20 Crazy Fetishes

Very weird fetishes.

Agalmatophilia - when you're into mannequins

Oculolinctus - licking eyeballs

Forniphilia - involves behaving like a piece of furniture

Dendrophilia - it's when you're into trees. A lot.

Foot fetishism - attraction to feet 

Apotemnophilia - attraction to amputees

Licking doorknobs - a Japanese trend that turned into a fetish

Plushophilia - sexual attraction to stuffed toy animals

Formicophilia - being crawled on by bugs

Paraphilic infantilism - sexual arousal based on dressing or being treated like a baby, also known as autonepiophilia

Teratophilia is when somebody is turned on by deformed or monstrous people

Vomitting is for some reason a huge turn on for many Japanese

Frotteurism - rubbing against a non-consenting person, for example in public transport

Hybristophilia - being turned on by criminals, particularly for cruel or outrageous crimes

Olfactophilia - getting drawn to or turned on to certain smells

Klismaphilia - Enemas, either giving or having

Reptilophilia - when you love your pet lizard too much

Piquerism - sexual gratification through penetration of another person by stabbing or cutting the body with sharp objects

Trichophilia - sexual obsession with hair 

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