Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Forgotten Florida: 6 Amazing but Abandoned Places in the Sunshine State

Holidays to Florida normally conjure up images of packed theme parks and bustling beaches, but for a growing group of urban explorers, it’s the state’s abandoned places that are the main attraction. We featured some of Florida’s most awesome unfinished and abandoned structures back in 2008 – and now we’ve found even more.

1. Miami Marine Stadium

Built in 1963 in Virginia Key, Miami, this seaside stadium was designed for spectators of powerboating, boxing and music concerts. At the time, it cost $2million to build – a fair amount of cash by sixties standards. In the aftermath of 1992′s Hurricane Andrew, it was declared unsafe and shut down. Since then, it’s been languishing in the shadow of Miami’s glam skyline, collecting a colorful coating of graffiti. In 2011, a proposal was put forward for an inflatable stage that would float in front of the stadium, allowing waterfront concerts. But for now, the stadium remains abandoned, with locals campaigning for its protection and regeneration. In the meantime, it keeps gathering those pesky tags.

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