Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top 21 Rad Radiators

It’s that time of year again: leaves are falling, stodgy food is calling and there’s no chance of drying your washing on the line. Best crank up the central heating, then. After a long summer of standing still, looking boring and being cold, it’s time for your radiators to continue standing still and looking boring whilst they dry your clothes and creak creepily when you’re trying to get to sleep. But hang on – who said radiators had to look boring? None of the designers who created these beauties, that’s who. Forget the dull eyesores that are stuck to almost everyone’s walls: this is art. If you thought radiators were all plain white oblongs, our list of the coolest radiators on the planet says you’re wrong. Here goes…

Like a Bra

His ‘n’ Hers


This Little Piggy

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