Monday, February 17, 2014

Mexican Drug Lord's House After Being Raided

Several years ago, a Mexican drug lord’s house was busted. This is what they found inside it.

Raids like this one have typical loot, like a gun a with golden Virgin Mary on the handle.

Classy violence.

This drug lord had a gun collection bigger than most museum’s.

The adorable little cottage you see here? Bought with drug money.

There’s no surprise that there is a grotto with a hot tub…

And lots of exotic animals.

There were eight lions on this property. Eight.

And also a rare white tiger.

Rare, stolen and illegal art was found throughout the house.

And, of course, more guns.

A cash pile this size is approximately $200 million.

That’s… a lot.

Ooh hey, more guns!

When raiding a drug lord’s house, you learn to look for cash everywhere.

And I mean everywhere.

Walk in closet? Nope. Cash.

Filing cabin… nope, cash.

Apparently selling drugs can be very profitable for these criminals.

So much so, their personal protection is typically gilded.

If that doesn’t scream “drug money,” I don’t know what does.

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