Monday, February 10, 2014

Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

One guy stayed at a Tokyo capsule hotel for a week. Some Japanese people who lost their jobs live their for months or even years. 


Look at this inviting and warm lobby. You buy a ticket out of the vending machine on the left to stay the night. 


After going up an elevator I made it to the 7th floor. The entire floor is basically a hallway with these small square holes stacked 2 high on each side. I was on the bottom. 

No real door 

I hope no one on my floor snores (spoilers: they did). 


This is from the inside looking at the door. Note the spacious closet and ventilation fan. 


My legs for scale. The tv took ¥100 coins to watch it but I just assumed it didn't work. And don't be fooled by the window... it was bolted shut.
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