Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Prank Your Coworkers on April Fools’ Day

Here are nice prank ideas for April Fool's Day. 

Plant a grass garden in your coworker’s keyboard

Install an airhorn as a door wall protector

Turn their windshield wipers into a rainbow paintbrush

Offer them some water in an original way

Pull the zip-tie, throw it, and run!

Give them an office technology upgrade

Create an infinite loop of shopping carts around their car

Become a seat and watch people’s reactions 

Paint soap with clear nail polish and leave it in the shower 

Infest their office with (fake) rats 

Attach an airhorn to their seat

Make their worst nightmare a grim reality 

Ruin the flavor of every Pringles piece like this little girl did: 

Give their hands some surprise lubrication

Tell someone he’s self-absorbed

Make their Oreos taste minty fresh (make sure the toothpaste is edible*)

Make sure they read the morning newspaper

Throw them a surprise balloon party

Give their car a bright new paint job (with sticky notes)

Introduce them to mayonnaise-filled donuts

Leave them a big, soggy brown present

Dip cotton balls in water and leave them to freeze overnight 

Delight their taste buds with caramel onions

Make sure their car is nice and safe with packing cling wrap

Offer them a cup of water (or two or several thousand) 

Serve them some delicious Jello right at (and on and in) their work desk 

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