Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Jobs That No Longer Exist

These strange jobs no longer exist.

1.) Bowling alley pin setter

This was typically a teenager’s job and didn’t pay very well.

2.) Knocker-upper

Knocker-uppers were basically human alarm clocks. They would make sure their clients would wake up.

They would rap on doors and windows with truncheons, or even use pea shooters.

3.) Ice cutter

When lakes froze, ice cutters would saw through the layers and give the pieces to ice delivery men.

4.) Pre-radar enemy aircraft detection

These devices helped soldiers listen for approaching enemy aircraft and warn their own troops

5.) Rat catcher

In Europe, rat catchers were hired to control the rodent population and prevent the spread of disease.

It wasn’t an easy job, as many of them would suffer from bites.

6.) Lamp lighter

Until electric street lamps were introduced, lamp lighters would need to go around lighting or extinguishing street lamps.

7.) Milkman

Because of less advanced refrigeration and preservation techniques, cold milk would need to be delivered often.

8.) Log driver – Before log transportation via truck was possible, these men would guide logs down the river.

9.) Switchboard operator

Before modern technology, switchboard operators were an integral part of telephone networks by connecting calls.

10.) Resurrectionist – - They were basically 19th century body snatchers. Resurrectionists would remove corpses from graves for universities to use as cadavers.

11.) Factory worker lector

Lectors hired at factories would read to those who worked all day, providing entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Lamp lighter still exists... Zagreb, Croatia and surely other cities with same tradition preservation attitude

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention lamp lighters existence in Zagreb, Croatia :)

Anonymous said...

Case in Croatia does not count as its only tradition.