Monday, February 23, 2015

These Are The Things You Will Only Find At A Chinese Walmart

Because sometimes you just need to pick up a Snickers and a live frog on the same shopping trip.

Crocodiles in the frozen meat section

Snickers with a side of batteries

Mixed meat guess-o-rama

Real live hopping frogs

Rea live hopping frogs mixed with real live swimming turtles

And the even fancier whole turtle option

Orange juice and cooking oil combination set for... something...

All the rice you could ever hope for

Sausage by the binful

Top-of-the-line Walmart-brand liquor

Dried Squid

Premium liquor box sets

Watermelons for one

Deception of sheep offal

Assorted dried reptile parts

Open-air racks of ribs

An entire shark so you can bite back

Chopsticks, chopsticks, and more chopsticks

Crazy varities of eggs

Fox meat

Ducks. Interesting ducks.

Men's anti-bacterial underwear

Even "Fat Guy Underwear"

Pig faces to change your dreams into nightmares

Beef granules wrapped like little candies

Luxury candy

Powdered Horse Milk

"Diet Water"

Meat water

Conveniently located condoms in the checkout asiles

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