Wednesday, April 01, 2015

An Inside Look At Facebook's New Headquarters

Facebook opened up their new headquarters on March 31 and instead of releasing official photos of the building, they invited people to take pictures for Instagram. The new building has some cool stuff inside but the coolest thing about it is the fact that there's a park on the roof.Its a 430,000-square foot warehouse designed by architectural superstar Frank Gehry and nicknamed "MPK20" (code for Menlo Park, building 20). 

The building is basically one massive room and boasts the largest open floor plan in the world — a single area where thousands of people can work at once. There are smaller spaces for private work as well, and employees can always head to the 9-acre park located on MPK20's roof, boasting a half-mile walking trail, over 400 trees, and areas to work in.

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