Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ivory Hunter Gets Trampled To Death By An Elephant

Last week big game hunter Ian Gibson tracked his last elephant. He spent 5 hours tracking the elephant and when he got too close to it the elephant snapped and charged him. Gibson managed to fire off one short before the elephant trampled him and ended his life.

Ian Gibson (55) spent 5 hours chasing a young elephant

The elephant was in “musth,” a highly aggressive state related to reproduction, so it turned and trampled him to death

Safari hunts like the one shown here by Chifuti Safaris net much-needed conservation funds, but at the cost of an elephant’s life

The hunting community called Gibson an avid conservationist, though some animal rights supporters celebrated the incident as a form of gruesome justice

Even professional hunters can’t always tell what a wild animal will do next!

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