Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Man's Finds Something Incredible In A Nintendo 3DS Case

This guy bought a Nintendo 3DS case at Goodwill for only $2.99 but he got something worth so much more. He heard something rattling inside and that's when he decided to do some investigating. 

He found this 3DS case at Good Will for $2.99 and could hear rattling inside but no way to know for sure.

After he got home, he took off the tape and opened it up.

Red 3DS!

What's this?

21 USD! Score! That'll buy some games for it!

But wait, what's behind the black foam? Could it be...?

Woah! It even came with games!

Does the 3DS work? Might want to check it out...

Oh wow! Prescription drugs! This gets better and better!

Opened it up to find Pokemon Y running...

Gen I starters!

Extra Chespins!

Decided to flip it over to see what was behind it...

Mustang logo?

A '69 Black Ford Mustang! To think he only spent $2.99 for the 3DS box.
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