Monday, April 18, 2016

Celebrity Sons Who Grew Up To Look A Lot Like Their Dads

These apples definitely didn't fall very far from the tree.

Jack and the lad: Nicholson's (left) grin is mirrored by son Ray (right), 24, this week at a basketball game

Chip shot off the old block: Brooklyn Beckham (right) sports the same floppy fringe as dad David (left) when he was a teen

Hair to Conan's throne: Arnold Schwarzanegger's son Joseph Baena (right) with the long locks dad (left) had for the film 

Jude knows who? No prizes for guessing Rafferty Law's (right) actor father (left), who sports the same messy brown locks

Here comes the son: James McCartney (right) has the style of Beatle dad Paul (left), wearing a smart suit and tie

Jealous Guy? No. Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry (left) gave son Otis (right) his looks - and fashion taste

Match of the day: Football's Gary Lineker (left) and his lookalike son George in September last year (right)

A Clint in their eyes: Scott Eastwood (right) could stand in for his actor dad (left) with his stubble and distinctive locks

Hanks for the memory: Tom (left) only has to see son Colin (right) if he wants to roll back the years 

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