Monday, June 13, 2016

Incredible Portraits Of Native American Girls From The 1800s

Amazing portraits of Native Americans from back in the day.

Marcia Pascal, Half-cherokee, Daughter Of U.s. Army Officer George W. Paschal, 1880s

O-o-be, The Kiowas, 1894

Native American Girl, 1870-1900

Hattie Tom, Apache, 1899, By Frank A. Rinehart

Gertrude Three Finger, Cheyenne, 1869-1904, By William E. Irwin

Cherokee Nanyehi, Lakota

Unidentified Native American Girl, Lakota, 1890

Elsie Vance Chestuen, Chiricahua

Native American Girl In Traditional Dress

Tsawatenok Girl, 1914, By Edward Curtis

Hopi Girl, 1895

Taos Pueblo Tribe Girl, 1880-1890

A Young Ute Woman, 1880-1900

A Kiowa Girl, 1892

Pretty Nose, Cheyenne, 1878, By L. A. Huffman

A Girl At Taos Pueblo, 1895, By H.s. Poley

Lizzie Long Wolf As A Performer In Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, 1886

Isabelle Perico Enjady, Chiricahuah Apache Prisoner Of War, 1886-1914

Quanah Parker (Nocona), Comanche, 1848-19

Native American Teen Girls, 1870-1900

Comanche Girl, 1885

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