Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guy Hits The Apple Jackpot At A Random Garage Sale

You just never know what you're going to find at a garage sale, so it's always worth it to stop and take a look around.

This guy tells his story: "Walked up to a random garage sale on Saturday and saw this. Chatted the seller up, and it turns out his father had bought this new, used it for a year or two, then bought a newer model. It had been in storage since then. Let's see what's inside!"

"All kinds of goodies, like a 21 year old encyclopedia, Myst, some miscellaneous productivity software, and OS 8.1. Sweet."

"The 7100 doesn't get a lot of respect, but I think they're super-solid models. The original version came with 66 MHz Motorola PowerPC 601 chips, refreshed to 80 MHz in January 1995. The AV indicates that this model came standard with S-Video in/out." 

When asked how much did it cost, the guy answered: "After talking with the guy for a while we settled on $50. I think he was happy it was going to a good home and not a landfill."

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