Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Capturing Online Design Videos to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

If you’d like to learn more about web design, graphic design, digital art or any other related subject you’ll find that there are tons of online design videos that could be a huge help. Ranging from complete online courses to individual tutorials and guides, tips and tricks, or even just inspirational content – these videos will be an invaluable resource for any budding designer.

The one caveat if you intend to use online design videos to learn more about design is that you’ll have to be online to watch them. In most cases you won’t be able to ‘save’ these videos, so if you do want to watch them later when you’re offline your best option is to capture them using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

If you already have an online design video open that you’d like to save, you can launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and start immediately. The first thing you’ll have to do is click ‘Record screen’ to open the screen recorder for Mac and you can then draw a frame to define the capture area so that it encompasses the video. After that you just need to select the audio source, and start recording by pressing the ‘REC’ button.

When you finish recording the online design video and press ‘Stop’, you can then save it to watch it later – or open it in Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac’s editor. If you would like to trim out any unwanted segments from your video, enhance its quality or fix any issues then you should definitely try it out.

Make no mistake there are lots of other features in both the recorder and editor of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. When recording you can opt to capture keyboard and mouse actions or set a timer to automate it, and when editing you could apply special effects and filters, add audio tracks, include animated transitions, insert captions, and more.

Although you might not need the editing features, they can be useful – even for just recording online design videos. In particular you could not only save the videos that you want later, but also use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to extract highlights and save shorter clips that contain the information you find useful – so that it is easier to refer to later on.

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